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This series of acrylic paintings explores how we as individuals navigate internal modalities - whether in self-truth or falsehoods that can come from ancestral imprinting or wounding during the young formative years to life experiences as a maturing human - creating our life paths. To recognize if in truth or falsehoods can be journey of inspiring self discovery as well as challenging growth. These creations reflect my intent on peeling back my layers of falsehoods and wounds, to reveal my truth and live a life of joy.

A Step Taken Many Times
Acrylic, pencil on canvas
36" x 24"
Fortuitous Fall
Acrylic, pencil on masonite
20" x 25"
A True Debut
Acrylic, pencil on canvas
20" x 24"
Holding Onto A Fine Line
acrylic, pencil on masonite
48" x 24"
acrylic, pencil on masonite
24" x 12"
Acrylic, pencil, medium transfer on masonite
24" x 12"
acrylic, pencil on masonite
24" x 15"